ABtronic X8 - total abominals EMS training device

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ABtronic X8 - total abominals EMS training device

Reference: IS00009
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With ABtronic X8, you can target and train the whole abdominal area with only 10 minutes per day and in the comfort of your own home!

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You would like to excercise but you simply have no time for gym?

Good looking abdominals are so hard to gain?

You suffer from back pains and this does not allow you to do sit ups?

If you had enough with spending hours and money in the gym, without seeing any results, or simply you don't have the time or motivation for this any more, then it's time for you to try ABtronic X8!
This revolutionary electronic muscle stimulator (E.M.S.) targets your whole middle section so you spend less time and get great results at the same time!

What is E.M.S.?

Electro Muscular Stimulation uses the ability of the muscles to contract and detract when a certain low power electric signal is applied to them.
It is like you are bypassing your brain having to send the signals to make your muscles work.
This is why with EMS technology you can actually train your muscles without having to physically put effort or strain on your body.

How long lasts a session?

With ABtronic X8, only 10 minutes per day, can give you great results for your abdominal area*1.
And the most important of all is that you can train in the comfort of your home while watching your favourite program on TV or simply doing household chores.

Is it indicated for men or for women?

ABtronic X8 can be used both by men and by women, indifferent their fitness level.
Also, it can be used by all ages as long as there is no contrary indication by a medical advisor (please refer to the contraindications section bellow).


ABtronix X8 has 6 stimulation modes and 8 intensity levels which means that you have 48 combination levels that can match anyone's fitness level.

ABtronic X8: your easy and affordable way to perfect abdominals in the comfort of your own home!

• Can be used anywhere and anytime
• Creates an intensive workout
• Latest EMS technology
• 6 stimulation modes
• 8 intensity levels
• Removable controller
• Durable high-end silicone pad

*1 Individual results and time may vary

• Not to be used if you have electric implants such as a heart implant or you suffer from any heart problem.
• Not to be used if you are or you suspect that you are pregnant.
• Not to be used if you have cancer, epilepsy or you are under supervision for any mental illness.
• Not to be used if you are breastfeeding.
• Not to be used if you have fever.
• Not to be used by minors.

Your ABtronic X8 package contains
• ABtronic X8
• Controller
• Gel pads
• Belt
• Storage bag
• User’s manual

ABtronic X8 is available only through iShop24® Romania.


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Intense workout

I didn't expect it to be so good actually.<br /> The workout is really intense and covers all your mid section.

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