Battle Vision Glasses - set of 2 polarized sport sunglasses

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Battle Vision Glasses - set of 2 polarized sport sunglasses

Reference: IS00043
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With original Battle Vision Glasses, you will from Atomic Beam, you will be able to eliminate glare and see all things clearer and brighter,thanks to its high-tech polarized lenses.

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Annoying glare makes it difficult to focus on the street while driving?

You love winter sports but you need a pair of performance sunglasses?

You hike, jog and enjoy the outdoors but the sun stresses your eyes?

Battle Vision Glasses by Atomic Beam are here to improve your vision!

What makes them different?

With Battle Vision Glasses, you get a pair of high-tech polarized lenses with additional UV protection.
These lenses are designed to cut annoying and dangerous glare from reflections all around you, whether it is from cars in front or glass surfaces on the sides.
In plus, it enhances the colors and gives you a crisper and clearer view of everything.

UV protection.

To the contrary to many ordinary polarized glasses, Battle Vision Glasses, offer you a full UV protection so you can protect your eyes from dangerous light rays while you are using them.
Their shape is specially designed to cover also parts of the side so they protect better your eyes.


Battle Vision Glasses are made of high quality flexible frames so you will never worry if they drop.
Simply, Battle Vision Glasses, will never break from a fall and their shape will come back instantly.


Battle Vision Glasses have a sport and unisex design so they can be worn by men and women.
Their one size fit all, makes them a perfect gift for you or for anyone else.

Where to use them?

Use them while driving, at the seaside, while hunting, while jogging or hiking or while spending time in the outdoors.
You will see everything much clearer and with much brighter colors!

Special offer: Second pair free!

With this special offer from iShop24®, when you will place your order, you will receive not 1, but 2 pairs of Battle Vision Glasses in the same low price and without additional transport expenses.

• Polarized lenses
• Blocks UV rays
• Eliminates glare
• One size unisex design
• Flexible but strong frames

Package contains
• 2 pairs of Battle Vision Glasses

Battle Vision Glasses are available only through iShop24® Romania.

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