Original Hot Shapers - slimming pants with Neotex

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Original Hot Shapers - slimming pants with Neotex

Reference: IS00053
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Hot Shapers are slimming pants that can be worn every day and will help you to sweat, to eliminate toxins, to reduce retained body water and to lose extra centimeters!

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Expensive diets that do not work?

Excercises that are simply exhausting?

You need an easy way to get rid of unwanted centimeters?

Hot Shapers slimming pants is an easy way to get rid of unwanted centimeters from your abdomen, waist and thighs by just wearing them at home or outside.

The secret?

The secret of Hot Shapers slimming pants is in their design and the fact that they incorporate Neotex in their fabric.

The technology of the Neotex material increases the body temperature when it comes into contact with your skin.
In plus, Hot Shapers have a special fabric in the exterior that absorbs sweat and humidity.

So, the interior fabric allows you to sweat more while the exterior fabric absorbs the excess sweat and keeps the pants dry, preventing stains from humidity so no one will even know that you are wearing them.

By wearing Hot Shapers, your body temperature will increase in the zones that are covered and it will produce more sweat, eliminating toxins and retained water from the body and offering you a firmer and slimmer abdomen, waist and thighs.
It also has a beneficial effect against the look of cellulite.

Where i can wear them?

You can wear your original Hot Shapers slimming pants at home while doing your ordinary tasks or even at the gym or when you exercise in order to maximize your results.
You can enjoy them outdoors wearing them like normal pants and because the material is soft, light, very comfortable and it does not allow sweat to create stains, you can even wear them under your clothes too.

What about the sweat that is produced?

While Burn Shaper inner fabric allows you to sweat more, the outer fabric is specially designed to absorb the sweat and keep the pants dry to prevent moisture from passing through.

Which areas will be improved?

Thanks to its high waist and its length below the knee, it allows you to tone your abdomen, your waist and your thighs at the same time.
You will see increased firmness, toning and reducing of cellulite appearance also on your buttocks.

We suggest you use it daily because the more you use your Hot Shapers, the sooner and better will be the results.

Weight loss can vary from one person to other.
For optimal results, during the usage of the product we propose you a balanced nutrition with low calories and physical excercise.

• made with Neotex material
• light and comfortable to wear
• targets abdomen, waist and thighs

Available sizes
• S: 34-36
• M: 38-40
• L: 42-44
• XL: 46-48

The original Hot Shappers slimming pants are available only through iShop24® Romania.


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