Happy Shoes Gel Slippers - anatomic slippers with bamboo and gel sole in red

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Happy Shoes Gel Slippers - anatomic slippers with bamboo and gel sole in red

Reference: IS00063
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Happy Shoes Gel Slippers are specially designed with bamboo fibers and gel incorporated in their sole, so they adopt to your feet, offering you a soft cushion with each step you make and help you to relief tired or painful feet. Now available also in a trendy red color.

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When you wear your slippers you have the sensation that you are stepping directly on the floor?

You spend hours at home wearing slippers and you feel your feet tired and in pain?

You would like a pair of slippers that you could wear also in your garden or out of home for small chores?

iShop24® is offering you the new Happy Shoes Gel Slippers in red trendy color, at an affordable price so you can have your own pair and enjoy the benefits of gel cushioning while walking.

What difference makes the gel in the sole?

Usual slippers have a flat sole that simply can not absorb the impact with the floor when you are walking around the house.
This, after prolonged use, can result in pains on the feet which can destroy completely the experience of relaxing at home.

Happy Shoes Gel Slippers on the other hand, are made with a cushioning gel infused in their sole which acts like a "soft pillow" between your feet and the floor, thus absorbing the impact of your feet to the floor when you are using them.
This effect minimizes the vibrations created with each step and results in a softer and more relaxing experience while walking or standing, and can help alleviate tiredness and pain from your feet.

In plus, because of the even distribution of the gel in the sole Happy Shoes Gel Slippers adopt to your feet perfectly creating a personal anatomic effect no matter how is the shape of your feet, which provides you a better spine alignment and reduces back pains.

High quality and durable materials.

Happy Shoes Gel Slippers are made of high quality materials and they will not lose their shape for years to come.
They feature a 3D mesh outer surface which allows your feet to "breathe", thus eliminating the unpleasant odors that accumulate in ordinary slippers.
In the interior, they have a soft and warm material which is infused with bamboo fibers, so your feet always stay in the correct temperature even in the cold days of winter.
In plus, there is 3D mesh material at the area of your heel that offers an extra anti-slip support to your foot and adds durability while permitting proper ventilation.

Can I wash them?

Happy Shoes Gel Slippers are safe to wash in your washing machine, in the sensitive clothes program, so that you can give them a refresh whenever you feel like.

They will not lose their shape for many years to come!

Anti-slip durable sole.

Happy Shoes Gel Slippers feature a TRP sole (thermoplastic rubber) which offers a high level of anti-slip protection while being tough and durable, even for outdoor activities.
This means that you can safely use your Happy Shoes Gel Slippers not only indoor, but also when you have small chores around the house such as taking care of your garden, fetching your mail or visiting a nearby store.

We know that your feet will love them as soon as you put them on!

• Sole with gel
• Bamboo fibers
• Anti-slip TPR sole
• Washable
• High quality materials
• Unisex

• red

Sizes available
• 37/38
• 39/40

• 10% cotton
• 10% viscose made of bamboo fiber
• 80% polyester

The original Happy Shoes Gel Slippers are available only through iShop24® Romania.


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TPR sole

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