My Posture Corrector Plus - premium ajustable posture corrector

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My Posture Corrector Plus - premium ajustable posture corrector

Reference: IS00041
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My Posture Corrector Plus is a premium quality posture corrector that can help you re-align your spine and reduce back and lombar pains.
Made of high quality stretchy materials and fully adjustable for a perfect fit and absolute comfort when worn.
Available in 3 sizes M, L and XL.

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You have problems with spine alignment because of a bad posture?

Back pains and lombar pains make your every day life more difficult?

You tried other posture correctors but they simply don't fit well and they are unfomfortable?

My Posture Corrector Plus, the new premium adjustable posture corrector can help you re-align your spine for a better posture and reduce significantly back and lombar pains.

Premium quality materials and design.

My Posture Corrector Plus is made from high quality, durable and light materials that let the body to breath and it is easily adjustable so it can be used both by men and by women different body types.

To the contrary with usual posture correctors, My Posture Corrector Plus, does not have metallic or plastic rings that require you to use so you can adjust its side straps.
Its 2 side straps are made from stretchy material and are cleverly designed to not bump out from the sides.
This makes it barely visible under your clothes so you can wear it all day long, whether at work or enjoying a walk out.

Highly adjustable and comfortable.

My Posture Corrector Plus has 3 ways of adjustment so you can always find the most comfortable setting when you wear it.
You only need to put it on, adjust the belt for the waistline that supports the abdominal zone and offers instant slimming effect, and then simply pull and adjust the 2 stretchy side straps that firm your shoulders and provide you the better posture you need.

Instantly taller and thinner.

Apart from helping you correct your posture, as soon as you put on My Posture Corrector Plus and adjust it to your needs, you will notice that you look taller and thinner instantly.
This happens because you can adjust the belt for the waistline so you can "hide" some extra centimeters and with the side straps adjustment, when your spine is better aligned, naturally also your neck and head is pulled back and returns to you those 4-5cm that are otherwise "lost" from your height when you curb towards the front.

More efficient in spine alignment.

My Posture Corrector Plus has a lightweight small and thin metallic bar incorporated inside the material of the back.
This little thin and lightweight metallic bar, without being uncomfortable or noticeable, provides an additional help to the shoulder straps in aligning your spine correctly.

Design unisex.

My Posture Corrector Plus special design is suitable both for men and for women without causing any discomfort when it is worn so you can wear it all day long and maximize your results.
You only have to put it on, adjust the straps to the level of your comfort and carry on with your daily activities!

What to expect with My Posture Corrector Plus.

By wearing regularly My Posture Corrector Plus you can experience the following benefits:

• Pain relief in back and lombar zones.
• Relaxation of muscle and body stress from incorrect posture.
• Improvement in spine alignment.
• Better posture.

• 35% Polyester
• 29% Elastane
• 35% Foam
• 1% Polyurethan

Sizes available
M: for waistlines up to 90cm
L: for waistlines up to 105cm
XL: for waistlines up to 120cm

Suitable for Hand Wash only

My Posture Corrector Plus is available only through iShop24® Romania.


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