Clever Twin Grip Cane - foldable cane with secondary handle, LED, alarm and 3 contact points

Reference: IS00012
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Clever Twin Grip Cane - foldable cane with secondary handle, LED, alarm and 3 contact points

Reference: IS00012
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With Clever Twin Grip Cane, the new foldable and intelligent cane, you will have bigger security against slips when you walk because of its base with 4 contact points and an extra help when lifting up because of its secondary handle.
In plus, with its build in LED light you will be able to have that extra light whenever you need it.

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Your ordinary cane does not perform well on slippery surfaces and this puts you in a risk of accidental fall?

Wooden canes, although good, are simply too big to carry with you in your car?

You cannot find a cane that will fit exactly on your height and this makes it uncomfortable to use?

Clever Twin Grip Cane is a new type of cane, specifically designed to address all these problems and to offer you an extra support for lifting.

Increased stability.

With its specially designed base with 3 contact points to the ground, made of high quality anti-slippery rubber material and capable of pivoting 360 degrees, Clever Twin Grip Cane not only is capable of standing straight alone (which is very useful when you simply need to reach a cupboard and you don't have where to support your ordinary cane), but it offers a better grip to all kinds of surfaces, thus reducing the risk of accidental falls which can lead even to painful injuries and long recuperation times, specially to the elders.


Clever Twin Grip Cane is foldable and can fit easily in your car, even in your bag.
Whenever you need it, you simply unfold it easily in a matter of seconds and you are ready to use it!

In plus, because of its lightweight design, it will not cause you extra strain on your hand when you are using it for prolonged periods of time.

Second grip handle.

Many people, specially elder ones, find it very difficult to lift without help or something to grab and support.
Clever Twin Grip Cane was specially engineered to have a secondary handle in order to support you when you lift from a sitting position.
The second grip is positioned strategically in such a way so it will provide you that extra little support that you need so you do not strain your back and knees when lifting up.
And when you are up, you simply fold the secondary handle and you are ready to go without it prohibiting your motion!

Adjustable in height.

Clever Twin Grip Cane, apart from its ability to fold and its secondary handle, can be regulated with 5 height settings so you can find the most comfortable for you.
Simply by sliding the upper part in 5 predefined positions will allow you to adjust its height between 86cm and 96cm.

LED light incorporated.

Clever Twin Grip Cane has an incorporated LED light that you can use to light your path when there is no light.
It is powerful enough to illuminate your steps and it is vertically adjustable for better results.
Thus, you can avoid accidental falls because of luck of visibility in dark areas.
In plus, you can use it in order to find easier the lock when the light is not sufficient.


Because its base is made of high quality rubber material and has 3 contact points with the ground, Clever Twin Grip Cane can stand alone when you need to reach things and you have to use both hands.
Clever Twin Grip Cane will remain in place without falling on the floor, causing you stressful moments to reach it.

Incorporated alarm.

Clever Twin Grip Cane has a button for alarm which can alert your beloved ones if you are in a difficult or dangerous situation.

Anatomic handle.

Its handle is specially designed to be easy and comfortable to use, even for prolonged periods of time, without causing you additional stress on your wrist.

Ideal gift for our beloved elders.

Almost all people of age need an additional support for walking and also for lifting up.
Clever Twin Grip Cane is a perfect gift for all elders because it can help them in their daily life with its ease of use and added features.

Do not hesitate to gift one to your beloved ones - we are sure that they will simply love it!

• Foldable and lightweight
• Incorporated LED light
• Alarm button incorporated
• Height adjustable from 86cm to 96cm
• Can stand alone
• Secondary folding handle
• 4 contact points anti-slippery base

Clever Twin Grip Cane LED light and alarm work with 4 LR22 batteries (not included)

• Suitable for persons of maximum 115kg of weight.
• Avoid using it on icy or slippery conditions.
• Not designed for medical use.
• Remove the clear plastic from battery compartment before using the LED light.

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Twin Grip Cane

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