Red Copper Flipwich Pan - double pan sandwich maker

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Red Copper Flipwich Pan - double pan sandwich maker

Reference: IS00021
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With the Red Copper Flipwich Pan sandwich maker you can make the most delicious sandwiches in no time!

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You love toasts but your toast maker always remains in a mess?

No time to cook but in need for a quick snack?

Preparing a burger is always a tough job with an ordinary frying pan?

With Red Copper Flipwich Pan's revolutionary stovetop panini and sandwich maker, preparing a delicious sandwich will be easier than ever!

Hot and delicious sandwiches in minutes!

The Red Copper Flipwich Pan sandwich maker has two interlocking grill pans that are coated with a copper infused ceramic surface.
This twin sealed cooking enviroment makes cooking much faster and with perfect results because your food is cooked on both sides at the same time!

No more mess in the kitchen!

Thanks to the double-coating, food slides out of the pan.
Say goodbye to gunked on cheese, torn bread, and messy fillings.
In plus, this anti-stick cover makes it so easy to clean when your food is ready.
Just wipe it and you are done!

Ease of use!

Flipping a sandwitch or a burger on a frying pan can be really messy!
With Red Copper Flipwich Pan and its two interlocking grill pans, flipping your sawndwich is done in a single step!
You only have to simply rotate it and start cooking the other side!

Is it only for sandwiches?

No! With Red Copper Flipwich Pan you can grill a variety of foods like grilled cheese, stuffed French toasts, indoor smores, pudgy pies or even waffles.
You can even use it to grill burgers or vegetables!

Create the most delicious dishes ever, fast and easy!

• Non-stick, scratch resistant surface
• Stay-cool handle
• Handle-clip that locks tight
• Aluminum induction plate distributes heat evenly
• Cook without butter. oil or grease
• PFOA and PFTE FREE coating
• Copper infused ceramic surfaces

• Red Copper Flipwitch pan is not suitable for dishwasher machines.
• Not to be used in microwave or oven.

Packet includes
• 1x Red Copper Flipwich Pan
• 1x recipe guide
• 1x instructions manual

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bun pt sanwdichuri

amasteptat sa fie plita mai mare dar macar e buna pt sandwichiuri si sa faci burgeri