Tapelo - waterproof adhesive tape

Reference: IS00093

Tapelo - waterproof adhesive tape

Reference: IS00093
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Protect your countertop, bath or floors from damaging liquids with Tapelo.

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Water on your countertop started to damage its surface?

Liquids always remain around your lavatory seat?

Edges on your shower always remain with liquids and are hard to clean?

Tapelo is a fast solution for all the above problems.

What is Tapelo?

Tapelo is a high quality waterproof adhesive tape meant to protect the surfaces from liquid damage and frequent use.

Where can i use it?

You can use Tapelo on your kitchen, in your bath and anywhere else that you want to protect margins and give them a beautiful and clean look.
In plus it comes in 2 colors (white or gray) so that it can match most common surfaces that you want to protect.
Just see the images for a better idea of where it could be of help for you too.

How can I use it?

Peel the protective layer and press firmly on the surface you want to cover.
When done, simply cut with a scissor or knife and you have your surface protected!

That easy!

How much adhesive tape is in one Tapelo?

Tapelo comes in rolls of 3.2m in length and 22mm in width so it is sufficiently long for almost any job.

Instructions for usage
• Measure the size of the surface you want to protect.
• Cut out the tape according to the size of the surface.
• Remove the protective liner of the tape and stick it to the clean and dry surface.
• Press evenly and cut any excess tape.

• quality PVC + acrylic, PVC, polyethylene

• length: 3.2m
• width: 22m

Available colors
• white
• grey

Tapelo waterproof adhesive tape is available only through iShop24® Romania.


Data sheet

0.2 kg
length: 3.2m - width 22mm

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