Sterling Silver ring with blue rosette and white Zircon stones (01-2058BLU)

Reference: IS00034-01-2058BLU

Sterling Silver ring with blue rosette and white Zircon stones (01-2058BLU)

Reference: IS00034-01-2058BLU
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An elegant sterling silver ring with a rosette from blue cubic Zircon and additional white cubic Zircon stones that can be worn every day but also in special occasions due to its impressive and bright appearance.

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Impressive appearance for all occasions and all ages!

This Sterling Silver ring has an impressive design with large blue cubic Zircon stone in its rosette and smaller white cubic Zircon stones around it for added elegance and contrast.

Branded by EnChriso, a family operated jewellery company, based in Greece, with decades of experience in fine jewellery, guarantees your satisfaction of your newly purchased jewellery.

What its made of?

Made with sterling silver 925 which is an aloy of 92,5% silver and 7,5% other metals, for better endurance in time, you will be able to enjoy them for years to come.

Features blue cubic Zircon stone in its rosette and white cubic Zircon stones that add to its beauty with the contrast of luminosity generated.

Impressive but classic design.

Upon the classic design of this Silver Sterling ring, exists a central rosette of blue cubic Zirgon stone that has dimensions of 16x15mm making it stand out.

In plus, around this large rosette, exist white cubic Zircon stones that add luminosity to the whole design.

It is ideal for all ages and for every occasion, whether it is a night out or simply worn in the office.

Available also with red or green rosette stone.

• 925 sterling silver ring body
• blue cubic Zircon rosette (16x15mm)
• white cubic Zircon stones
• impressive design

How to take care of your new silver sterling jewellery
• Avoid wearing your sterling silver jewellery while in shower or in the sea. Water can contain other elements that can make your silver look dull
• Do not spray over with parfumes or expose them to lotions. Apply parfume or lotion, let it dry and then wear your sterling silver jewellery.
• Always store your silver sterling jewellery in airtight bags or boxes and avoid placing too many in the same container.
• Do not use your sterling silver jewellery when excercising, bathing or swimming.
• When it is time to clean your sterling silver jewellery, always use a soft microfiber cloth or specially jewellery cleaning cloth. Avoid using kitchen or toilet paper as these can scrub away the lustre from its surface.

Package contains
• 1 ring made of 925 sterling silver with blue cubic Zircon rosette and white cubic Zircon decorative stones
• 1 gift box packaging

The sterling silver ring with blue rosette and white Zircon stones (01-2058BLU) is available only through iShop24® Romania.


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Sterling Silver 925

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